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Visual C++ Programming

Ask questions about Windows programming with Visual C++ and help others by answering their questions.

Findfirst() and findNext() in C

I would like to know the usage of findfirst and findnext functions in C ..I am compiling using VC++ 2008 compiler.    Here i googled about these functions example. but the examples concept is listing the files in a current directory..    IS it possible to read the directory path given in console window and find the *.txt extension in that folder and do the process and findnext file in the same directory?    If u know any quiet situable example.kindly provide me the links..    I tired the below example.Always getting conversion errors.How can i change these conversion.especially reading the strcpy(),strcat();.I dont think these functions are correct usuage in VC++ 2008 editor.      	Code:  	#include "stdafx.h"  #include <string>  #include <vector>  #include <windows.h>  #include <atlstr.h>  #include <tchar.h>  #include <stdio.h>   #define MAX_PATH_LENGTH 256    int main(int argc, char *argv[])  {  int i;  int pathlength=100;    //char *path;  //path=(char *)malloc((MAX_PATH_LENGTH) * sizeof(char));     char path[300];     //printf("Enter the path:");   //scanf_s("&#37;s",&path);    //printf("%s",path);    bool FindFilesFromFolder();   free(path);   getchar();   return 0;   }     bool FindFilesFromFolder()    {     HANDLE            hFile;     WIN32_FIND_DATA   FindFileData;     std::vector<char> fileList;       TCHAR chFolderpath[_MAX_PATH];     CString strExtension   = _T("*.B11");       strcpy(chFolderpath, _T("F:\\test\\"));     strcat(chFolderpath, strExtension);       hFile = FindFirstFile(chFolderpath, &FindFileData);       if (hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) {  	   //printf("Invalid file handle.");  	   MessageBox(          NULL,          (LPCWSTR)L"Resource not available\nDo you want to try again?",          (LPCWSTR)L"Account Details",          MB_ICONWARNING | MB_CANCELTRYCONTINUE | MB_DEFBUTTON2);                  return false;     }       CString filepath;       do     {          filepath.Format(_T("%s%s"), _T("F:\\test\\"), FindFileData.cFileName);        fileList.push_back(filepath);       } while(FindNextFile(hFile, &FindFileData));             return true;    }     				  			

  				  					Sure, it's possible but since you build for unicode you shouldn't use str*** functions. Use the unicode variants instead or if you prefer that make your code buildable both for multibyte & unicode and use the _t*** variant.    See here for all variants of the functions    Edit: A general rule by the way is to stay away from casts as long as possible. Casts are dangerous so to use them you really need to know exactly what you're doing. They are not some kind of magic solution for whenever the compiler complains.  				  			

  				  					  	  		  			  			  				  					 Originally Posted by keerth516  					  				  				I would like to know the usage of findfirst and findnext functions in C ..I am compiling using VC++ 2008 compiler.  			  		  	   Since you are using MFC you could also use MFC CFileFind class rather than plain Win32 APIs.  And there is a FAQ...    Besides, mixing std::string, CString, _T() macro and UNICODE strings is very rarely could be a good idea, and your case does not belong to those " very rarely" ones.

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